GRE Physics Practice

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A GRE Physics consist of 100 problems which you have to solve in 2 hours and 50 minutes.  Your raw score —that is, the number of questions you answered correctly minus one-fourth of the number you answered incorrectly—is converted to a scaled score, which is reported to you and the institutions of your choice.  A percentage score is also calculated.  It give the percentage of students taking the test that scored below the scaled score.

The score tables tables below can tell you approximately what scaled and percentage score you can expect for a give raw score.  For most tests, for example, a raw score of 40 gives you a scaled sore between 650 and 750 and a percentage score between approximately 55% and 60%.

    table 1     table 2     table 3     table 4


The next GRE Subject Tests will be held on April 16, 2016

To register for the GRE subject tests follow this link.

Registration Deadlines for the April 16 GRE Physics Tests.